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Introduction - Hybrid will be next vehicle

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9 replies to this topic

#1 OFFLINE   kltk1


    New Member

  • Fusion Hybrid Member
  • 1 posts
  • Region:Decline
  • Location:NJ
  • Current Vehicle:2005 VW Jetta TDI
  • My Hybrid's Year:Decline

Posted 04 February 2016 - 03:37 AM

Hello everyone. As a 2005 VW New Jetta TDI owner, we're getting close to the time to consider a new vehicle. The TDI has served us very well in the 10 years 176,000 we've owned it. Gas mileage is great, drives great and is comfortable for us. With the diesel scandal facing VW we're concerned about the future of the VW TDI models. As such, we decided to test drive a few hybrid's this week to see what they're all about and if they're as plain to drive as we keep hearing. First up was the Camry XLE. We were incredibly impressed and walked away thinking that could very well be our next vehicle. Ride was great, roomy enough and comfortable. Certainly powerful enough for our needs. Other than the "My fathers Buick" styling, we were pretty happy. We left the Toyota dealer and hit up our local Honda dealer for a drive in the Accord Hybrid EX-L. An even better experience. Ride was better, far more comfortable than the Camry and quieter. Again, we walked away believing that was the one we'd likely end up with. The next day I hit a Ford dealer for a drive in the Fusion Titanium. The test ride was incredibly short, but, I got a sense that it was pleasant enough to bring my wife back for a test ride to get her thoughts. Also hoping I could get a longer, second, test ride. I was shocked when the salesman asked me if I wanted to take it home and bring it back later so I could show the wife. Well heck, you don't have to ask me twice. I live about 15 miles from the dealer. I drove home on an interstate to get a sense of the highway ride and performance. Then hit a local stretch of stop and go to my house. It was great. Enough power for our needs, ride and comfort were very good and handled incredibly well. Picked up my wife and headed back to the dealer lending us about a 30 mile test ride. My wife was more than pleasantly surprised and surprised the heck out of me when she proclaimed this was her favorite. Personally, the Honda was my favorite, but, not by very much. I would certainly have no issue owning the Fusion Hybrid for the next 10-12 years.


Having said all that, I'm VERY new to the hybrid technology and will be doing a lot of research before a final decision is made. Any resources you can point me to for knowledge on hybrids would be appreciated. We're looking at around this time in 2017 to be ready to make a purchase.

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    Fusion Hybrid Member

  • Fusion Hybrid Member
  • 140 posts
  • Region:Canada Quebec
  • Location:Montréal
  • Current Vehicle:2014 FFH
  • My Hybrid's Year:2014

Posted 04 February 2016 - 10:28 AM

All of the three cars are a good choice. Ford's hybrid technology is about the same as Toyota, but we have a lithium-ion battery (not sure if the other have made the switch form nickel yet).

I'd say go with the one you love most and hope to see you joining the family.

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#3 OFFLINE   talmy


    Fusion Hybrid Member

  • Fusion Hybrid Member
  • 132 posts
  • Region:U.S. Pacific Coast
  • Location:Oregon
  • Current Vehicle:2014 Fusion SE Hybrid, 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid
  • My Hybrid's Year:2014

Posted 04 February 2016 - 10:48 AM

When we bought our 2014 Fusion two years ago we also looked at the Camry since we also have a 2007. We were surprised how little the Camry hybrid had changed in 7 years. Very disappointing for a company that virtually owns the term "hybrid". In the past two years nothing much has changed. The Fusion is far more sophisticated and there is a world of difference between Ford's hybrid at the time (the Escape) and what they have now.

#4 OFFLINE   lolder


    Fusion Hybrid Addict

  • Fusion Hybrid Member
  • 1,852 posts
  • Region:Decline
  • Location:Florida
  • Current Vehicle:2010 FFH 501A Trim
  • My Hybrid's Year:Decline

Posted 04 February 2016 - 12:33 PM

Despite the slightly better advertised mpg of the Honda, I'd stay away from it. The transmission is more complicated then the Toyota/Ford hybrid transmissions.

#5 OFFLINE   Texasota


    Fusion Hybrid Addict

  • Fusion Hybrid Member
  • 1,010 posts
  • Region:U.S. Northern Plains
  • Location:Minnesota
  • Current Vehicle:Ford Fusion S Hybrid
  • My Hybrid's Year:2015

Posted 04 February 2016 - 01:30 PM

Any resources you can point me to for knowledge on hybrids would be appreciated. We're looking at around this time in 2017 to be ready to make a purchase.

I cut my "hybrid" teeth right here on this forum. Learned an immense amount from the helpful and knowledgeable members. Read as many of the threads as you can about driving technique and how to learn from the dash displays.


If I could pass any words of wisdom to you it would be to drive the car gently but normally and do not get caught up in the OCD trap of maximizing MPGs. This forum is full of good advice. But you will also find posts that are at best lacking in common sense and at worse are dangerous to yourself, other motorists, and your car. Of course this is only my opinion.

Edited by Texasota, 04 February 2016 - 01:31 PM.

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#6 OFFLINE   mwr


    Fusion Hybrid Enthusiast

  • Fusion Hybrid Member
  • 720 posts
  • Region:U.S. Pacific Coast
  • Location:San Francisco Bay Area
  • Current Vehicle:2015 FFH SE
  • My Hybrid's Year:2015

Posted 04 February 2016 - 05:39 PM

Enough power for our needs, ride and comfort were very good and handled incredibly well.

That's pretty much still my opinion after 19,000 miles in my 2015 FFH SE. MPG always in the 40s in an almost-luxury car with enough power that handles well. Also the most beautiful of all of them in my opinion. I'm still amazed :-)


#7 OFFLINE   corncobs


    Fusion Hybrid Fanatic

  • Fusion Hybrid Member
  • 2,836 posts
  • Region:U.S. Great Lakes
  • Location:Chicago NW Burbs
  • Current Vehicle:2013 FFH
  • My Hybrid's Year:2013

Posted 04 February 2016 - 09:26 PM

Almost 3 years and still enjoying every second of it whenever I'm driving my 13' FFH.

Lifetime MPG 44 displayed and 41.4 at the pump I couldn't be happier.
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2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE - Lady in Red
Ruby Red / 505A, Tech Pkg, Rear Sensing System, 18" Luxury Wheels

#8 OFFLINE   ElectricFan69


    Fusion Hybrid Member

  • Fusion Hybrid Member
  • 98 posts
  • Region:U.S. Southern Atlantic
  • Location:Jacksonville, FL
  • Current Vehicle:Fusion Hybrid SE
  • My Hybrid's Year:2016

Posted 07 February 2016 - 12:51 PM

Did the same evaluation 4 months ago, but from a different place when we added to the family fleet.


I've had a TCH since April 2008, and have been quite pleased with the vehicle. The only item of note for the TCH (aside from the several recall campaigns) is the melting of the dash top in the Florida heat - which no longer uses the same materials. If I could have gotten a new one similarly equipped, it would have been my first choice.  The issue I ran into was Toyota's packaging decisions - you had to go up to the XLE to get rear seat A/C vents.  This ballooned the price point, and bundled stuff I didn't want to pay for.   The current TCH gen also seems to have gone into the 'what it lacks in handling precision it makes up for in harsh ride' trap.  Seems like they hired the GM engineers from the 90's that conflate a rough ride with sporty handling - resulting in a vehicle lacking in both agility and comfort.


Despite the slightly better advertised mpg of the Honda, I'd stay away from it. The transmission is more complicated then the Toyota/Ford hybrid transmissions.

Honda's decision to 'take the year off' is also more than a bit concerning, and makes me wonder about the viability of the model.  When I got serious about buying, there were only the tarted-up versions with a 35K sticker.  Also, the prior Civic and Accord hybrid generations have had considerably worse durability record for the electric parts (traction battery in particular) that either Toyota or Ford.  Of course, these were a different battery tech and used a different electric motor integration scheme - but...


Some of Ford's design and option bundling decisions are also head-scratches.  For example, bundling the sunroof with the home link.  The A/C design that forces excessive dis-assembly to change cabin filter - when other Ford models (e.g. Explorer) have a much simpler way.  The way the battery is packaged in the Energi model that renders luggage space rather sad.  The lack of US availability of an Estate model (like the European Mondeo) - which I suppose I'm one of the relatively few to prefer over the 'butched up' crossovers with ghetto-sized wheels and ultra-low-profile tires (Edge on 21's?  40 series tires on a vehicle with off-road pretensions? Really?).  Given that, I was able to get one with (almost) everything I wanted, and very little that I didn't, and some things (e.g. sunroof and its loss of headroom) that I both love and get annoyed at, depending on the weather.


My issue with the Titanium was the perforated leather - I feel the treatment destroys the value proposition of leather (for me, it's feel, durability and spill resistance).  I find the built-in NAV systems a poor value - map updates are spendy and old when released, with relatively poor POI currency.  Doubly so with the MFT, which can't integrate with your phone address book, doesn't allow entry or updates of waypoints by your passengers while the vehicle is moving, has laggy response for address entry, etc.  The 'driver assist' stuff feels like it needs a couple of more generations to get 'usable'.  I have little patience for paying to be a beta tester.  


Guess my point is that there is no such thing as a perfect car  - certainly not at a price point affordable by 'mere mortals' unwilling to sell out their future.  The FFH represented for me a reasonable compromise and the items I've ragged on weren't deal-breakers, and could be avoided by judicious selections on the option sheet.  For my example, at least, the quality of paint and assembly was pretty good - really haven't found any glaring faults or mistakes.  Time will tell how durable the thing is - I've only 2K miles and change on mine, but so far so good.  Interesting trivia is that the '08 TCH developed more rattles by this point in its life than the new Fusion - guess the 8 years have resulted in some progress.

Edited by ElectricFan69, 07 February 2016 - 12:54 PM.

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#9 OFFLINE   rjrfusion


    New Member

  • Fusion Hybrid Member
  • 38 posts
  • Region:U.S. Northeast
  • Location:New Jersey
  • Current Vehicle:Fusion Platinum Hybrid
  • My Hybrid's Year:2017

Posted 22 February 2017 - 07:38 PM

Maybe late to this conversation but have to say after 2 months I love the FFH.  I got the completely loaded platinum.  Feels like I'm driving a European luxury car but paid for a very nice Ford.  Gas mileage on highway and not-too-much traffic city is averaging 43 right now.  High traffic city is not as good as I would like.  Car is solid, fast enough, looks great in the dark gray and 18" wheels and no issues to date.


My friend has a TDI Jetta wagon being bought back from VW due to fake results.  Looked at my car and the Kia, Nero which just came out.  Said my car is multiple times better than the Nero which looks and feels cheap on the inside especially after having the Jetta.

#10 OFFLINE   garymkrieg


    Fusion Hybrid Member

  • Fusion Hybrid Member
  • 50 posts
  • Region:U.S. Pacific Coast
  • Location:Seattle
  • Current Vehicle:Fusion Energi
  • My Hybrid's Year:2015

Posted 23 February 2017 - 09:21 AM

Depending on your commute be sure to consider the Fusion Energi.  We have a 2015 Energi and most of our driving is local, allowing us to keep the ICE off for the entire trip.  We have 19,000 miles on it right now with a life time average MPG of 191.



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